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Kold World Lyrics Young M.A

Kold World Lyrics Young M.A Singer Young M.A Kold World Lyrics Young M.A Ayy, man Ayy, you gotta be careful who you play with Everybody ain’t playin’, man Loyalty ain’t nothin’ but a word, that’s my word Niggas actin’ like they in your lane, then they swerve (Skrrt) You can’t sit with us no more, this table is reserved… Read More »


KSI – DOMAIN Lyrics Singer KSI KSI – DOMAIN Lyrics This is the domain (Chi), gassed up like propane (Chi) Glowed up with gold chains (Mmm) Bulked up with new gains (Mmm) I’m from the World Wide Web, how I’m catchin’ all these fuckin’ vermin Still I’m burnin’, why they concernin’ over the shit I’m earnin’? Domain, gassed up like propane (Mmm) Glowed up… Read More »

Statement Lyrics

G Herbo – Statement Lyrics Singer G Herbo Statement Lyrics Uh, check this out Yeah Uh-huh Always, always mean what you say (Cole, you stupid) Real nigga ’til I leave (You know that) Elevated, do this rappin’ shit with ease I got a brick on my sleeve, you dissin’ me, please Comparin’ me to different… Read More »

Backdoor Lyrics

Lil Durk – Backdoor Lyrics Singer Lil Durk Backdoor Lyrics No, no, no, no Yeah, yeah, yeah No, no, no, no Whoa, oh, oh Them niggas act like they don’t need us They do everything we do, they wanna be us Foenem takin’ ecstasy, they tryna T up He rather go and blow a bag… Read More »